Bathroom Remodeling in Haverhill, MA

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bathroom remodeling in haverhill
bathroom remodel in haverhill

Transform your bathroom into an oasis that you deserve.

Our licensed bathroom contractors in Haverhill are committed to valuable craftsmanship and authentic relationships with our customers. We are confident you'll be satisfied with our services as your local bathroom remodeler.

Just Bathroom Remodeling of Haverhill

We are proud to be a part of a community in Essex County that thrives in the industrial sector furthermore agriculture. Haverhill has heaps of outdoor recreational activities for all to enjoy, including a 1/2 mile art walk path along the Merrimack River. Don’t forget to stop and appreciate the five sculptures along the way.

As a local bathroom remodeling service in Haverhill, we are privileged to revitalize homes into modern aesthetics and function. We value our customers and the relationships we build along the way.

Which is why our motto is “Our service is always fair and just, we are the remodeler you can trust!”

Just Bathroom Remodeling of Haverhill is excited about your plans to renovate and update your bathroom. Together, we can create a space that you love. Our honest and unwavering contractors will deliver outstanding expertise no matter how minuscule or grand the project. Our fair rates reflect our workmanship and we cannot wait to work with you.

Haverhill Bathroom Renovations

If you have been longing for bathroom transformation into a sophisticated space that reflects your personal touch, our licensed Haverhill bathroom contractors are ready to spruce up your space. We collaborate with you from the beginning design plans to the finished product. From the design plans to the renovations, we execute your vision within the discussed time frame and budget. Below are the most frequent services we provided, but are not limited to.

Quality Cabinets

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Natural Stone Counters

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remodel bathroom in haverhill

New Bathroom Construction

With the ever-changing dynamics of a household, your present circumstances might not be favorable anymore. A frequent request we get from our customers is to add on an additional bathroom---yes, we can. Whether it's a new bathroom for an ensuite, basement, or to the main level, our licensed bathroom contractors in Haverhill have decades of experience to accomplish this rehab.

bathroom contractors in haverhill

Whole Bathroom Renovations

On occasion, a bathroom is unsalvageable and needs a complete gut. Working with our team, we will design a new floor plan that suits your standard of living. The renovation may include removing walls, installing additional plumbing for your upgraded fixtures, and framing in features such as a private toilet room or extra storage for your towels. Unquestionably, a daunting task for most homeowners, but luckily our bathroom remodeling contractors can help ease your worries with our exquisite attention to detail, an abundance of knowledge, and satisfaction from previous customers.

 tub to shower conversion haverhill

Bathtub & Shower Remodeling

Without a doubt, a bathtub and shower are the most frequented fixture in your household. Why settle for an archaic design when you can enhance its features with a tub remodel, shower renovation, or possibly both. Whether you envision a grand walk-in shower with a double showerhead and sprayers or a Japanese soaking tub for the ultimate serenity, we can help you achieve your dream.

bathroom floor replacement haverhill

Bathroom Floor Replacement

When your feet hit the bathroom floor, you should love what you feel. Our tile installers can do a bathroom floor replacement that feels ideal on your feet and aligns with your interior design. With limitless options, you can install different textures, sizes, and patterns for a bold statement. From large pattern tiles to hardwood plank tiling, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, if you seek warmth after a relaxing bath, ask us how to install a floor heating system.

bathroom tile replacement haverhill

Bathroom Tile Installation

Tile makes the most design impact in your bathroom when it comes to your artistic expression. From distinct, colorful patterns to white subway tiles or large hexagons, tile selection is endless. Whether you desire floor to ceiling tile in your shower, contrasting tiles, or an accent wall, together we can create a design and our tile installers will get the project done.

licensed bathroom contractors in haverhill

Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Optimize the storage and function of your bathroom with a modernized vanity that provides an aesthetically appealing design element. Sharing a bathroom, install a double vanity for optimal function and space. Tight on space,a choose a floating vanity; it creates the illusion that your bathroom is larger without sacrificing storage. Love your old vanity but it's worn, upgrade to the latest version. We extend our services for bathroom vanity replacement and much more.

How It Works


Project Consultation

Discuss your project and receive pricing estimates based on your vision.


Measuring & Estimate

We visit your home or property for measuring and planning to kick off the project.


Remodel & Enjoy!

Full construction to execute the design plan and bring you a bathroom you'll love.


Current Bathroom Design Inspiration

Remodeling your bathroom can reflect the decor throughout the house or be its own entity of style. If you are uncertain of a decor style, we have created a few of the most popular that is in modern homes. Interested in a few, we can blend a elements from several designs to make a unique style that flows. Whichever you choose, we will be there to execute your vision.

traditional bathroom remodel haverhill ma

Urban Industrial Bathroom Design

Urban Industrial bathroom design reflects a downtown loft apartment with a hint of masculinity. This style of bathroom will highlight the decor elements like exposed brick, concrete floors, and countertops, exposed plumbing and iron pipe shelving. Bring the city into your home with an urban industrial bathroom.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Modern Farmhouse has been in trend for years. People love the idea of captivating a charming farmhouse into their decor with still having modern fixtures. With this particular design, we can blend modern hardware with a distressed sink base, barn lighting, and vintage accessories to mirror a true farmhouse.

bathroom makeovers haverhill ma

Modern Bathroom Remodel

Minimalists love the modern aesthetics of clean lines and sleek design. With minimal decor and geometric patterns, this design is perfect for anyone who prefers a simplistic lifestyle. A modern bathroom includes a neutral color scheme, geometric patterns in the tile or decor, and open shelving.

Traditional Bathroom Remodel

Occasionally homeowners fancy a classic, traditional bathroom that remains timeless. If you are contemplating updating your bathroom but don't want it to be vintage in a few years, this is the style for you. We integrate design elements that remain constant through time, such as hardwood vanity with marble countertops, classic tile installation, lighting, and more.

farmhouse bathroom renovation haverhill ma

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

A contemporary bathroom encompasses the hottest trends on the market. It is an evolving style, and homeowners love to keep up. If you are seeking to add trendy wallpaper to your bathroom, install the latest innovative faucets, and incorporate the latest fashion decor, this style is for you. Ask us how we can renovate your bathroom to express the current design fads.

Transitional Bathroom Remodel

Want to update your bathroom by combining two design elements into your remodel but are overwhelmed by the execution, then consult with our bathroom remodeling contractors. We can easily blend two trends to look seamless. This style can have modern faucets, fixtures, and tile but blend rustic elements into the mirror, storage shelves, and vanity. Whichever two design styles you love, we can help create it.

Retreat-Inspired Bathroom Remodel

Improve your physical and mental wellness with a relaxing retreat-inspired bathroom renovation. The purpose is to deliver relaxation and tranquility in the comfort of your own home. We will incorporate design elements like earth tones and natural elements, plants, minimal decor, and a jetted jacuzzi with a rainfall showerhead.

farmhouse bathroom renovation haverhill
modern bathroom remodel haverhill
bathroom makeovers haverhill ma


Ready to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Our ready to install cabinets and countertops are a convenient and affordable way to change how your kitchen or bathroom looks. In fact, our cabinets typically cost 25% less than what you would find in most big box hardware stores. You will get higher quality at a fraction of the cost.

Because we are a direct supplier, you won’t have to deal with added contractor markups or orders getting lost in translation. You’re dealing directly with the retailer.

Our cabinets are standard plywood boxes with solid maple fronts that provide a high quality look at an affordable rate. They come standard with soft close and full extension. Choose from numerous finishes, including natural wood stains and commercial paint finishes such as:

  • Dark espresso
  • Mahogany
  • Coffee
  • Honey
  • White (Matte or Glossy)
  • Off White
  • Cream
  • Stone Wash
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Deep Ocean Blue


Omaha Kitchen Remodel Services

Whether you need more storage space or want to replace your outdated kitchen countertops and cabinets with new modern styles, Kitchen Remodeling Pros of Omaha has you covered.

We offer a variety of countertop materials to suit your kitchen’s needs. Our technicians are experts at replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops and will ensure everything is fitted and installed correctly the first time.

We provide kitchen and bathroom renovations for:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Galley Kitchen Remodel
  • Small Kitchen Remodel
  • Kitchen Island Remodel
  • Kitchen Pantry Remodel

Our Omaha kitchen remodel experts handle mid to large size projects, with a minimum order of four to five cabinets and/or a full countertop order. We can outfit an entire kitchen island and install cabinets and countertops in both small and large kitchens. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects also include large walk-pantry installations, a wall of cabinets for the dining room, and much more.

We can help you design the layout of your kitchen or bathroom countertops as well as install them. We can replace cabinets and countertops by removing your existing pieces and installing the new ones. You’ll get long-lasting, luxury new cabinets and countertops without breaking your kitchen or bathroom remodeling budget.

Please note that we do not demo whole kitchens or handle details like structure, plumbing, and electrical. We also do not match cabinets or add on cabinets. This is because it's impossible to match colors and styles, as there will always be a noticeable difference. However, if you want a new island or updated island with a different cabinet look than the rest of the kitchen, we are happy to assist you.

Our Work

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Haverhill Restores All Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations are not cookie-cutter projects. They are unique to every home and space. We tackle the simplest and most complex bathroom remodeling in Haverhill, MA. Want to give your powder room a facelift or gut your large bathroom for optimal flow, our team has the experience. We not only strive for perfection, but the satisfaction from our customers


Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

We only sell the best natural stone countertops, including granite, marble, and quartz (no formica, corian, or faux). Each material brings natural beauty to your kitchen and bathroom spaces and provides numerous benefits. For example, granite is stain-resistant and easy to maintain, marble is scratch and heat-resistant, and quartz is a premium option that is sure to boost your home’s value. Whichever you choose, you can trust that your countertops will last for years.

Every slab of natural stone countertop is totally unique; no two pieces are the same. No other homeowner will have the exact same counters as you!

Our kitchen and bathroom countertops are available in:

  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Calacatta Granite
  • Carrara Granite
  • Grigio Granite
  • Napoli Granite
  • Uba Tuba Granite
  • Caledonia Granite
  • Taj Mahal Granite
  • Fusion Granite
  • Fantasy Granite

Large Bathroom Renovation

Large bathrooms have endless possibilities. We can assist you in utilizing your existing space to update the design, flow, and modern amenities. The extra square footage, an ideal circumstance, can be converted into a modern-day wet room. Unlike a wet room, we can add a private water closet, extra storage for your linens, or enlarge your current shower or bathtub. The ideas are boundless. Let’s consult together and reimagine your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Revamp

Small bathrooms can have lavish decor elements and be spacious with a clever design. A compact space requires less material, so make a long-lasting impression by selecting luxurious materials. Non-traditional vanities such as pedestal sinks, floating bathroom vanity, or a wall-mounted sink are a perfect alternative to complement the space. From modern tile selection to innovative bathroom upgrades, our bathroom remodeling contractors can help you make a bold statement.

Master Bathroom Makeover

The owner's bathroom suite is a marketable feature in a home. In older homes, an ensuite may be outdated since built or simply small in stature---we can help. 'Tis the season for a master bathroom remodel. With our expertise, we can assist in rehabilitating your bathroom into the space you have been craving. No proposition is too minute or substantial. We can completely gut your bathroom to the studs and reconfigure the room to be functional but zen. Conversely, we also keep the existing floor plan. We can install modern tile replacement throughout, upgrade to a double vanity, and add a grand walk-in shower with a free-standing tub.

Guest Bathroom Redesign

First impressions are lasting impressions, especially in a guest bathroom. You want a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for the continuing visitors with added style. We can help you execute your vision into actuality with our bathroom remodeling services. Modest changes can impact the space, such as adding wallpaper, new paint, updating the hardware, and changing out the light fixtures. If your looking for a bold statement in your guest bathroom, also contemplate a new bathroom vanity installation and bathroom floor replacement to leave your guests dazzled.

Half Bath Facelift

Giving your half bath a facelift might be the essential remodel to make your home complete. Although it's not the main bathroom, we understand it's a high-traffic area for family and guests. Nonetheless, function and appeal are imperative for its ongoing use. You can reasonably renew your half bath with simple touches like new flooring installation, up-to-date vanity, and modern light fixtures.

Basement Bathroom Addition

Maybe you had plans to add a bathroom in the basement, but life got hectic. Undoubtedly our bathroom remodeling contractors can take that burden from you. Finishing a basement bathroom is one of the many services offered, and we would love to bring it to life. A finished basement is great for an extra gathering room, recreational space, or mini apartment for guests in modern homes. A home with a finished basement increase's its value because of the additional square footage and possible rental income. Absent plumbing, no problem. We can install new plumbing as well as frame in the designated space. We can manage all renovation conditions from framing to the finishing touches of the decor.

Full Bathroom Restoration

If your full bathroom is begging for a bathroom makeover, we can make it happen. A full bathroom restoration can be a minor update to a full overhaul. Our bathroom contractors in Haverhill are knowledgeable in their trade. If your bathroom has flow but is out-of-date, we can perform a modern bathroom remodel to sharpen the decor, stylish shower tile, install a freestanding bathtub, and revamp that old vanity. Or maybe it has inadequate continuity, we can do a complete bathroom removal and start from the ground up.

Powder Room Rejuvenated

If your home is fortunate to have a main floor powder room, we recognize it's occupied a great deal. This designated washroom for your guests should feel inviting but functional while maintaining the flow over your overall decor. Simple fixes with a updated vanity, single light fixture, and new hardware can be done with a powder room remodel.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Revitalized

Revitalize your Jack and Jill bathroom with a new bathroom remodel in Haverhill. Jack and Jill bathrooms connect two bedrooms and are shared by multiple people. Whether it is your kids or guests, we can update it to equip its every changing need. We can modernize the room with a new bathroom vanity installation, bathroom floor replacement, tub to shower conversion, and new lighting and fixtures.

Galley Bathroom Remodel

A galley bath is a long, narrow space that can be a design challenge. If your bathroom has oversized furniture or an incorrect layout of a tub, shower, and toilet, it can feel suffocating and difficult to maneuver around. Our bathroom remodeling contractors will reconstruct your layout and use vertical space to create a more spacious, functional bathroom. Let us reconfigure your storage by adding vertical floating shelves. We can relocate your shower and tub, replace the old toilet with a compact one-piece toilet, and have a floating vanity that is smaller in depth. Apart from this, we will update the fixtures that blend into your decor.

New Condo Bathroom Construction

Living in a condo comes with no maintenance and offers many amenities, but it can lack size and function. We can assist by reconstructing your condo bathroom to fit busy daily life. Our team can boost your shower esthetics, retile the flooring, create additional storage, and update the vanity.

Townhouse Bathroom Transformation

Most townhomes are limited to one full bathroom shared between the family. Let's transform your townhouse bathroom into a luxury space that operates exclusively for the household. Having practical space with plenty of storage, a large double vanity, and a walk-in shower can easily be configured. Let's collaborate and begin the design process.

Get an Elegant Bath Remodel in Haverhill

Stop pining over bathrooms you see on the internet and start making your vision come to life. We are devoted to transforming your bathroom with integrity and craftsmanship. Inquire today and let’s start creating together.

A small bathroom can appear large with the selection of materials and design---color, tile installation, and furniture placement. Choosing a light paint color and tile throughout your bathroom remodel reflects natural light and resembles a larger room. If you lack natural light, pick reflective materials such as a large mirror, glossy finishes, or glass tile that bounce light from your fixtures.

When the tile is ready to be installed, use the same light-colored tile throughout your bathroom, it creates seamless lines and transitions. Additionally, consider tiling your shower from floor to ceiling with a glass door or panel.

The size and placement of your vanity are crucial to your bathroom renovation. Design your bathroom to include a vanity that fits the designated space. A floating vanity is an excellent option for small spaces without compromising storage.

Tile installation is the preference when renovating a shower. We understand that it might not be everyone’s favorite and love giving alternatives to our customers.

Acrylic and fiberglass panels are easy to clean, do not mold, and come in tile-like patterns. Instead of a tile replacement, they can easily install over your existing tile.

Marble is a modern, sleek design that will increase the value of your home. It comes in slabs and has no visible seams. Marble does require a regular sealant to maintain its longevity.

Stone resin gives a natural appearance. The nonporous slab is made up of natural minerals and is durable. It often has a high-gloss finish that makes cleaning easy with a non-abrasive cleaner.

One of the simplest ways to replace your existing tub is with an alcove tub. An alcove tub is surrounded by three walls, just like a bathtub and shower combination, but vary in depth and size.

Furthermore, a freestanding tub can be installed by our licensed contractors in Haverhill. Freestanding tubs come in a plethora of sizes and shapes that are suitable for all bathroom dimensions. Bathroom plumbing may need to be relocated to accommodate the freestanding tub, but our experienced bathroom contractors can accomplish the task with ease.

More About Haverhill, MA

Residing in northern Essex County Massachusetts on the Merrimack River, Haverhill is thirty-six square miles of mixed rural and urban areas. One of the oldest historic communities in the state, it is a flourishing industrial city originally founded as farmland. Residents and visitors can relish in skiing, horseback riding academies, and a sailing program.

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If you’re looking for upscale quality, expert craftsmanship, and bathroom remodelers that never skimp on the details, you’ve come to the right place. We serve clients in Loudoun County and Fairfax County of Northern Virginia. Call us today for a free quote and let’s get started turning your current bathroom into a welcoming, soothing, and tranquil space that you’ll find hard to leave.


Bathroom Cabinet & Countertop Installation

Everything our company offers for the kitchen, we also provide for the home bathroom. We can install quartz, marble, and granite countertops in your bathroom or outfit new cabinets for stylish storage space.

The cabinets and countertops in your bathroom are the anchor to the whole room, setting the tone for the style and mood of your central grooming space. Replacing them is one of the highest return investments you can make in your home because we all know that kitchens and baths sell homes. Enjoy your bath now and get top dollar for your property when it's time to move on.

If you’re ready to replace bathroom cabinets, install bathroom wall cabinets, replace your bathroom vanity top, or have some other bathroom renovation project in mind, reach out to us for guidance on how we can transform your bathroom with new countertops and cabinets.

  • Bathroom vanity countertops
  • Bathroom vanity cabinets & drawers
  • Linen cabinets
  • Laundry folding counters
  • Laundry storage
  • Bathroom wall storage

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