Shower to Tub Conversion

by Just Bathroom Remodeling

Turn your bathroom into a modern spa you can escape to daily.

Suppose you need to soak after an excruciating day, but your bathroom lacks a bathtub. Undoubtedly, it's time for a full shower remodel and create your own pampering oasis. Just Bathroom Remodeling will convert your shower to tub using your existing space or renovate the whole bathroom into a private soaking cove.

About Just Bathroom Remodeling

We want you to love your bathroom. And we also want you to enjoy the remodeling process too!

That’s why our motto is “Our service is always fair and just, we are the local remodeler you can trust!”

We can’t wait to collaborate with you to turn your bathroom into an oasis of joy and freshness. Our commitment is to be upfront and honest with you, with pricing, potential challenges we foresee and with the quality of service we deliver. We stand by our ethical code and sincerely want our clients to be thrilled with their experience.

Quality Cabinets

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Natural Stone Counters

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bathroom construction

Bathroom Construction

We specialize in the planning, designing and construction of new bathroom spaces. We are skilled and licensed as a remodeler, so you can count on us to execute full-scale reconstruction of your bathroom. We can tear down and rebuild walls, change layouts, rework plumbing, install new lighting and construct a fresh new bathroom from the ground up. As professional bathroom renovators, we handle all projects with meticulous care, no matter the size of the job.

bathroom renovation

Total Bathroom Renovations

Does your bathroom need a total gut or intense makeover? We will tackle the project with efficiency and quality craftsmanship. A complete bathroom remodel will typically include services such as shower conversion, tub installation, tile replacement, flooring installation, vanity replacement, painting, fixture installation and hanging new hardware, lighting, shelving, mirrors and accessories. We can handle all of this and more.

tub and shower conversion

Tub & Shower Remodeling

It’s the one thing you do just about every day; bathe. Therefore, few home fixtures are more essential to the comfort and efficiency of your lifestyle than your shower or bathtub. Which is why we are here to make them work the way you need them to. We can convert your tub into a spacious, walk-in shower, install a free-standing claw foot tub, or give your entire tub-shower combination a stunning makeover with new tile and hardware. Whatever your requirements, we are here to give you a space you’ll love washing up in.

bathroom floor installation

Bathroom Floor Replacement

Your bathroom floor is so much more than the surface you walk on every day. It’s one of the most essential components of balanced bathroom design and can make or break the look of the whole room. Updated bathroom flooring can turn a drab, outdated bathroom into a gorgeous space that you’ll want to show off. Let us help you achieve the look you’re going for with product selection and installation. From vintage penny tiles to farmhouse wood plank ceramic, we can guide you to the right flooring material that reflects your aesthetic.

bathroom tile installation

Bathroom Tile Installation

Tiling plays a significant role in the whole room’s beauty, from flooring to shower surround to the backsplash. Ready to change your bathroom tiles now? We help you transform your space to an entirely new one by getting rid of the old worn-out tiles and installing brand new ones that will match your taste. We also consult clients on trending tile materials, patterns, and textures that suit their design preferences. Are you in need of a luxurious natural stone? A unique pattern? Wood tile? Or even a zen-inspired pebble shower flower? We will support you in your decision and install your chosen tile flawlessly for a lasting result.

bathroom vanity installation

Bathroom Vanity Replacement

The bathroom vanity is the anchor that pulls your design together and an essential component for storage and grooming. When your vanity is no longer meeting your daily needs, it’s time for an upgrade. In addition to helping you with vanity selection, we install vanities, countertops and sinks. In addition, we can lay tile to surround your new vanity with a backsplash as well as hang mirrors and lighting to finish off the space.

How It Works


Project Consultation

Discuss your project and receive pricing estimates based on your vision.


Measuring & Estimate

We visit your home or property for measuring and planning to kick off the project.


Remodel & Enjoy!

Full construction to execute the design plan and bring you a bathroom you'll love.


Trending Bathroom Design Inspiration

As bathroom remodel contractors who are in the trenches daily doing this great work, it’s our job to stay current with the latest home improvement trends, styles and fashions. We bring that knowledge to your project to help guide you on selecting materials, fixtures, furnishings and accessories that will complement your style and beautify your bathroom.

Most of our clients want a sophisticated bathroom design that is updated and personalized, yet classic enough to remain in-style for years to come. We do our level best to help them strike that delicate balance. If you’re considering a new bath design and are looking for a little inspiration to research further, below are some common design styles to explore for yourself.

Insight on Shower to Bath Conversion

A shower to bath conversion transforms an enclosed shower into a bathtub or a tub and shower combined stall. The renovation of your new bathtub will require full bathroom construction to restructure the space for your new bathtub. Furthermore, we convert walk-in showers in addition to tub and shower units into the washroom you've requested.

A shower to tub remodel accommodates a multitude of bathtub styles. Dream of a clawfoot tub for leisure or crave a jetted jacuzzi to boost your physical health, then inquire about a new bathtub install. Installing a modern tub can open up the opportunity to update the style of your bathing area by modernizing the tile, interchanging fixtures, and replacing the floors to compliment your style.

convert shower to tub

Designing Shower to a Tub

When you're designing bath conversions, it's pertinent to think of placement and utilizing space. In other words, think of the essential elements you want plus the space to accommodate them. The number of bathtub styles is overwhelming, allow us to help guide you in your selection.

Standalone Bathtub remodel

Standalone Bathtub

A free-standing bathtub is not connected to any walls, allowing for more flexibility in the architecture of the space. Depending upon the square footage of the room, there is a large selection to choose from—clawfoot, single ended, single slipper, double ended, double slipper, pedestal, and japanese soaker. Some homeowners prefer a more private space to soak in, requiring an installation of a half wall or pocket doors. Others want to feature their standalone tub in its own dedicated space. Regardless, we’ll help you design the perfect arrangement.

Drop-in bathtubs conversion

Drop In Bathtubs

Drop-in bathtubs are a unique option for installing and concealing the interior in an attractive tiled enclosure. This style of bathtubs allow homeowners classy design alternatives. These bathtub shells are commonly made of acrylic or fiberglass and are customized with modern tiles.

Corner bathtubs remodel

Corner Bathtub

Corner bathtubs are an ideal solution for limited space. We can convert a corner shower or small walk-in showers into a corner bathtub. Utilizing the available space, we install a triangular-shaped soaker.

alcove bathtubs remodel

Alcove Bathtub

Unlike drop-in tubs, alcove bathtubs are finished bathtubs connected to a three-sided enclosure. A considerable alternative if your existing shower was a corner shower or walk-in. Ideally the square footage would replicate your new bathtub, however, if it lacks the space, we can reconstruct the bathroom layout to fit the tub you desire.

Bathtub and Shower Combination

Bathtub and Shower Combination

If you appreciate the convenience of your existing shower, we can assist you in designing a tub and shower combination unit. We’ll refresh your shower design to suit your new bathtub installed. We can add in luxurious features like a hand-held shower head that is versatile for your shower and tub necessities.

shower to tub conversion
Standalone Bathtub remodel
Drop-in bathtubs conversion
Corner bathtubs remodel


Ready to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Our ready to install cabinets and countertops are a convenient and affordable way to change how your kitchen or bathroom looks. In fact, our cabinets typically cost 25% less than what you would find in most big box hardware stores. You will get higher quality at a fraction of the cost.

Because we are a direct supplier, you won’t have to deal with added contractor markups or orders getting lost in translation. You’re dealing directly with the retailer.

Our cabinets are standard plywood boxes with solid maple fronts that provide a high quality look at an affordable rate. They come standard with soft close and full extension. Choose from numerous finishes, including natural wood stains and commercial paint finishes such as:

  • Dark espresso
  • Mahogany
  • Coffee
  • Honey
  • White (Matte or Glossy)
  • Off White
  • Cream
  • Stone Wash
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Deep Ocean Blue


Omaha Kitchen Remodel Services

Whether you need more storage space or want to replace your outdated kitchen countertops and cabinets with new modern styles, Kitchen Remodeling Pros of Omaha has you covered.

We offer a variety of countertop materials to suit your kitchen’s needs. Our technicians are experts at replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops and will ensure everything is fitted and installed correctly the first time.

We provide kitchen and bathroom renovations for:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Galley Kitchen Remodel
  • Small Kitchen Remodel
  • Kitchen Island Remodel
  • Kitchen Pantry Remodel

Our Omaha kitchen remodel experts handle mid to large size projects, with a minimum order of four to five cabinets and/or a full countertop order. We can outfit an entire kitchen island and install cabinets and countertops in both small and large kitchens. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects also include large walk-pantry installations, a wall of cabinets for the dining room, and much more.

We can help you design the layout of your kitchen or bathroom countertops as well as install them. We can replace cabinets and countertops by removing your existing pieces and installing the new ones. You’ll get long-lasting, luxury new cabinets and countertops without breaking your kitchen or bathroom remodeling budget.

Please note that we do not demo whole kitchens or handle details like structure, plumbing, and electrical. We also do not match cabinets or add on cabinets. This is because it's impossible to match colors and styles, as there will always be a noticeable difference. However, if you want a new island or updated island with a different cabinet look than the rest of the kitchen, we are happy to assist you.

Our Work

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Health Benefits of Shower to Tub Remodel

Enhance your physical and mental health by adding a bathtub to your bathroom.

Helps Relax Your Muscles: A warm bath can help alleviate muscle and joint pain.

Relieves Stress: Warm water has been proven to increase the production of serotonin, a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. The neurotransmitter is responsible for the sense of well-being and happiness.

Improves Mood: With the increased production of serotonin, relieved muscle and joint pains, and the sense of calm, iit will surely improve your mood and have a better sleep.

Improves Blood Flow: When you use a hot tub, your heart rate increases as blood vessels dilate, which lowers your blood pressure.

Moisturizes Skin: A natural moisturizer of your skin. A warm bath rehydrates dry skin and helps improve moisture retention.

Our Locations

Just Bathroom Remodeling covers the northernmost part of Essex County Massachusetts.

Essex County Service Area



Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

We only sell the best natural stone countertops, including granite, marble, and quartz (no formica, corian, or faux). Each material brings natural beauty to your kitchen and bathroom spaces and provides numerous benefits. For example, granite is stain-resistant and easy to maintain, marble is scratch and heat-resistant, and quartz is a premium option that is sure to boost your home’s value. Whichever you choose, you can trust that your countertops will last for years.

Every slab of natural stone countertop is totally unique; no two pieces are the same. No other homeowner will have the exact same counters as you!

Our kitchen and bathroom countertops are available in:

  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Calacatta Granite
  • Carrara Granite
  • Grigio Granite
  • Napoli Granite
  • Uba Tuba Granite
  • Caledonia Granite
  • Taj Mahal Granite
  • Fusion Granite
  • Fantasy Granite

Large Bathroom

A typical large bathroom is often 10 x 12 in size or about 120 square feet. They consist of a shower, sink, bathtub, and toilet. Sometimes the shower and tub are a single unit and, other times, they are entirely separate installations. Our extensive bathroom remodeling service typically includes total tile replacement, bathroom floor remodeling, shower makeovers, free standing bathtub installation, painting, vanity installation, new lighting design, exhaust fan updates and much more. Depending on the square footage of the bathroom, we can sometimes even install a separate, private water closet for the toilet or construct a linen closet for additional towel and toiletry storage.

Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can still be striking in their style and functionality, with a little ingenuity! Typical small full bathrooms have a shower surround and tub combination unit to save space. Standard sizes range between 26-30 square feet. Renovations for small bathrooms can maximize space as well as boost efficacy by getting creative with floor layouts and utilizing vertical space.

Master Bathroom

When a master bedroom has a full bathroom attached to it, it is called a master bath or en suite. This is a sacred space for many homeowners, as the one room in the house where they can find some soothing peace after a long hard day. If your master bathroom looks like it was left in another decade, or if it is missing entirely, we can help. Our master bath renovations replace outdated tile, remodel the vanity, and create a different look through a customized design and style. We can even work with you to construct a master bathroom from scratch out of existing square footage. Get the private retreat you deserve and let’s start designing your ideal en suite today.

Guest Bathroom

When guests come to visit, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. Unfortunately, a dated bathroom isn’t exactly going to make guests feel like they are on a relaxing retreat away from home. Bring the comfort, sophistication and style back into your guest bathroom with a total guest bath makeover. Whether you are updating a small half bath on the main level or overhauling a full guest bathroom for overnight guests, we can work closely with you to strategize the best design and decor to suit your needs. Have some fun with modern wallpaper or play it safe with classic accents. Add more storage, update the flooring or simply makeover the room with new fixtures, hardware and accessories. Your guest bath renovation can range from simple style changes to complex bath and shower remodeling, which will leave your guests thrilled.

Half Bath

Half baths are basic layouts used chiefly as secondary bathrooms in small apartments and homes. Your half bath may not be one you use everyday, but it’s probably a space you care a lot about when guests come to visit. Whether your half bath sits on the main level where friends and family tend to gather or is tucked into your basement as a teen hangout convenience, it should feel like a clean, updated space for visitors to freshen up in. Most half baths are around 15 square feet by 26 square feet in measurement, making them fairly small spaces to work with. Nonetheless, a few changes can go a long way. Half bath renovations can involve floor or tile renovation, fixture replacement, storage space creation, vanity remodeling, and cabinet installation.

Basement Bathroom

Wish to add a bathroom to your newly renovated basement? Or maybe you have an existing basement bath that is in serious need of a makeover? Either way, we’re here to put this project behind you. Your basement bathroom is a highly convenient space for gatherings and you want it to be in tip top shape. Our basement bathroom services total bathroom makeover from floor to roof, including the tiles and walls. Whatever the case, our bathroom renovators are pretty capable.

Full Bathroom

Fully equipped with all the essentials, including sink, shower and toilet, your full bathrooms are likely some of the most used rooms in the house. Whether they are dedicated to guests, relied on by the kids or teens of the home or used by the entire family, we know how critical your full bathrooms are to your everyday routines. That’s why we’ll help you make the most of them by updating them, not only in design, but in functionality too.

Powder Room

A powder room, also known as a half bath, is usually equipped with one sink and one toilet. Sometimes, the powder room also includes a vanity, shelves, or linen closet. Even with these tiny rooms, we can help you create a functional, fashionable and fabulous bathroom that suits your needs. Minor changes, such as updated flooring, modern hardware, new mirrors, or lighting, can greatly impact these little spaces.

Jack & Jill Bathroom

Jack and Jill bathrooms are bathrooms typically shared by two bedrooms. Our Jack and Jill bathroom remodeling services include renovation and trendy remodel installations that reflect the needs of each individual who uses this adjoining bathroom.

Galley Bathroom

A galley bath is a long, narrow bathroom that limits layout options. However, we are up for the challenge of making over your galley bathroom! Our service includes remodeling the bath, shower, tiles, and floor to accommodate your his-and-her bathroom design.

Condo Bathroom

Do you desire a walk-in shower conversion to make your condo bathroom spacious, or perhaps you’d like tile installation for a more striking visual effect? Whatever the idea is, our job is to see it through from start to finish creating a condo bathroom that gives you joy.

Townhouse Bathroom

It’s no longer news that a restroom remodel can add value to your townhome. We don’t just help you achieve this but also help transform your townhome bathrooms into a pure, spacious oasis filled with welcoming and blissful sensations. We also replace clunky tubs with modern showers, change the look of a vanity countertop, install light-enhancing tile, among other services.

Let Us Renovate Your Bathroom Into an Everyday Retreat!

bathroom makeover

Reach out to us today. We believe the Just Bathrooms is the best bathroom contractor around - not just because of our stellar record and superior workmanship, but also because of our commitment to treating every customer with honesty and fairness. If you want to work with a construction company that believes in the value of customer service, we’re your team!

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If you’re looking for upscale quality, expert craftsmanship, and bathroom remodelers that never skimp on the details, you’ve come to the right place. We serve clients in Loudoun County and Fairfax County of Northern Virginia. Call us today for a free quote and let’s get started turning your current bathroom into a welcoming, soothing, and tranquil space that you’ll find hard to leave.


Bathroom Cabinet & Countertop Installation

Everything our company offers for the kitchen, we also provide for the home bathroom. We can install quartz, marble, and granite countertops in your bathroom or outfit new cabinets for stylish storage space.

The cabinets and countertops in your bathroom are the anchor to the whole room, setting the tone for the style and mood of your central grooming space. Replacing them is one of the highest return investments you can make in your home because we all know that kitchens and baths sell homes. Enjoy your bath now and get top dollar for your property when it's time to move on.

If you’re ready to replace bathroom cabinets, install bathroom wall cabinets, replace your bathroom vanity top, or have some other bathroom renovation project in mind, reach out to us for guidance on how we can transform your bathroom with new countertops and cabinets.

  • Bathroom vanity countertops
  • Bathroom vanity cabinets & drawers
  • Linen cabinets
  • Laundry folding counters
  • Laundry storage
  • Bathroom wall storage

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